5 Toning Moves Using Gliders

Work Out Type: Toning, Full Body

Equipment Needed: 2 Gliders

Gliders are one of the easiest, no hassle pieces of gym equipment you ┬ácan incorporate into your home routine. They can mimic many moves done on the Reformer or the TRX straps but require almost no space! They are totally portable – put them in your gym bag, keep a set in your living room or throw them into your suitcase for a complete work out on the go.


I really like this Champion set from Target because you can use them on hard floors or carpet. However! If you don’t want to buy a set or find yourself somewhere without, you can substitute by using two small folded towels or 2 thin magazines. Basically anything that will slide on a hard surface.

Here we go! Do 15 reps of each of these exercises and repeat the circuit 3 times. This is a full body toning work out you can complete anywhere.

1.) Mountain Climbers

Start in plank position with one foot on each glider. Run your feet in and out toward your hands for one minute. Keep your abs engaged and core tight for maximum benefit.

2.) Curtsy Lunge


Start in a standing position with one foot on each glider. Slide your left foot into a low diagonal lunge behind your right leg. Pause briefly in the low lunge position and then slide your foot back to standing. Repeat on your other leg. Dumbbells are optional, bring you weights into a bicep curl as you come down into the low lunge for an added arm toning bonus.

3.) Sliding Side Lunge

Just one glider for this one! Start in standing position with your left foot on the glider, your other anchored firmly to the ground. Holding one 5-8 lb weight in front of you is optional. (You could also use a kettle ball) Slide your left foot out until your right knee is parallel with the floor. Pause briefly before sliding your foot back into standing position. Repeat 15 x per side.

4.) Full Arm Extension Slide Out

Start in table top position with one hand on each slider. Simultaneously push your arms forward until you are in an extended plank position on your knees. Keep your core as tight and engaged as possible. Use your abs and push your hands firmly into the gliders when pulling them back toward your body to return to table top position. Repeat 15 times.

5.) Pike to Push Up

Start in plank position with one foot on each glider. Keeping your legs as straight as possible slide your feet forward toward your hands. Briefly pause then push your feet back out into plank position and come down into a push up. Repeat 15 times.