Hi! Welcome to The Sweating Hour, my name is Ellen. I am Bay Area born and raised and currently living in San Francisco working as a Product Manager for a telecommunications company. While I love technology and developing products that people love to use, my outside passions are fitness, health, and trying to lead a (somewhat) balanced life. Recently, I have decided to follow this passion and get a personal training certification (I am currently completing the NASM program).My ultimate goal is to teach group classes at a studio I love and spread my enthusiasm for fitness to help others manifest their own inner strength.

I chose the name “The Sweating Hour” because this is what I internally call the hour-ish I spend at the gym every day. It reminds me of the importance of having an hour alone to do something just for me – in this case, sweat 😉

While I have always had an interest in fitness, it took me a long time to figure out how to make it an integral part of my life. I used to be the girl who went to the gym just to “check a box” and would never venture from the elliptical machine. One day I decided to check out a group fitness class at Equinox and I was hooked. I couldn’t believe all of the simple ways you could move your body and start feeling stronger almost immediately. From that point on, I became a total class junkie and would try anything and everything to get that feeling of “strong”.


In late 2013, I got a huge shock when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I had never had a problem with my health before and I was very confused and scared. Even though thyroid cancer is one of the most survivable cancers and pretty easy to treat, it still required a total thyroidectomy and partial neck dissection to check my lymph nodes for more cancer. I already knew the thyroid controls many processes within the body- including your metabolism, hormone balance, energy levels and more. Basically… that tiny gland has the power to make you feel amazing or make you feel awful and I was terrified to lose it.

It took me awhile to accept I might never feel the same after having my thyroid removed, but luckily I have had good doctors who have helped me mostly get back to the same energy levels. It can be a struggle at times, and it sucks to have to rely on something synthetic to feel “normal” but I work at it every day and consider myself so lucky to be here. If anyone has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, please reach out me! I am happy to give you support and share my experiences in more depth.

After the thyroidectomy, I decided to make the commitment to find a more balanced relationship with fitness and how it fit into my overall happiness in life. Instead of feeling like I had to take every 6AM body sculpting class the gym offered each week, I decided to focus on which work outs would actually make me feel stronger and more empowered rather than which were the “hardest”. Through this, I gradually picked up running and that has truly become my happiest time of day.


I know not everyone aspires to be a runner, but I do believe every person has one “thing” that makes them feel empowered, relaxed, focused, and at peace all at the same time. I hope that reading here inspires others to find that “thing” and follow it, no matter how difficult or how far outside their normal life it may be. For me, trying to get into fitness after many years in tech, following a certain path is a scary thing. Follow my journey as I attempt to turn “hobby” into “reality”.