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7 Ways to Stay Fit-Motivated

July 30, 2017

With summer being just about half way over, it’s easy to lose the gym motivation you may have had at the beginning of the season. With so many birthdays, wine tasting trips, day time park parties, vacations and other fun things to partake in, it’s easy to let working out fall to the wayside. Here are 7 ways to stay focused on your goals while continuing to have a great time through Labor Day.

1.) Schedule your workouts

If you belong to a gym or a fitness studio, take 10 minutes on Sunday night to look at the class schedule for the upcoming week. You’ll visually see times that work around your other commitments and it will program your brain to start thinking about the different types of exercise you’ll be doing during the week. Add each class to your calendar so it becomes part of your schedule. You can do this for general gym time and running or biking too- just make sure each session makes it to your calendar to hold yourself accountable.

2.) Make missed exercise cost you

Book a couple of non refundable work out classes each week. You won’t want to lose your $30 no show fee or risk not being able to book in the future. Make sure you are booking at times that are reasonable for you to attend- i.e. don’t book an 8 AM Saturday morning Soul Cycle class if you have plans to go out the night before.

3.) Set a new goal

Think of a fitness related goal you’ve been wanting to achieve and make it happen! Summer is the best time to work on personal fitness goals because of the better weather and longer days. Last year, I set a goal to run a half marathon and signed up for one in the fall. I spent most of July, August and September training for it and felt amazing the day of the race. This year, I set a goal to get certified to teach group fitness. I just completed my Lagree certification (much, much more on this to come) and can’t wait to start teaching classes next month.

4.) Get a new outfit

It may sound superficial, but getting a couple of cute new work out ‘fits can be very motivating. There’s nothing fun about throwing on the same old ratty t-shirt and shorts. When you feel good in your clothes it can even give you the confidence to finally sign up for that kickboxing class you’ve been wanting to try. A lot of great sales happen in the summer, including the Nordstrom Anniversary sale – it’s a great time to stock up on some really good brands. Check some more of my favorite picks here.

5.) Refresh your playlist

There is nothing more boring than running or biking to the exact same playlist everyday. If you are a Spotify user, have a group playlist with friends so you can all add songs and share your new favorites. You can also follow playlists from studios you love like Barry’s Bootcamp and Fly Wheel. There are a TON of great music apps designed for working out, but a personal favorite of mine is RockMyRun. It’s full of totally curated mixes put together by real DJs to match your tempo. It has a cadence matcher which will match the music to your own movement. All of the mixes have their BPMs listed, so it’s great for instructors to use too!

6.) Keep some equipment at home

If your schedule gets too packed and you don’t have time to drive to the gym or a class, keep a few pieces of work out equipment at home for a quick session. Doing a quick tabata circuit or even some light yoga at home is always better than nothing. The most effective things you can buy for home: a yoga mat, a jump rope, a couple of medium weight dumbbells and resistance bands.

7.) Rest to recharge

It’s easy to lost motivation when exercise feels like a chore. Always schedule a rest day once a week or so to let your body recover and not think about exercise. You’ll come into the next week feeling stronger and with more enthusiasm and drive to really push yourself. In an exercise rut? Read my post about how to fall in love with your work out.


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