Core and Back Strengthening Circuit

May 7, 2017

Having a strong core and back are the foundation of any effective work out. Luckily it’s easy to find combination moves that work both at the same time. Below is a quick 5 move circuit targeting your back, arms and core. I would recommend a 8-12 lb dumbbells depending on your current strength. Combine with 30-40 min cardio of your choice and you will be feeling stronger and leaner in no time.

Equipment Needed: 2 Dumbbells between 8 and 12 lbs

Move 1: Renegade Rows

Targets: Back, arms, abs

Start in a plank position with your hands on your weights. Lift the left weight straight up and back keeping your elbow close to your sides. Pause briefly at the top before returning your the weight back to the ground. Duplicate this on your right side and repeat the move 20 x on each side.

Move 2: Alternating High Pull to Front Raise

Targets: Arms, core

Standing with your feet hip distance apart holding one weight in each hand. For the first part of the move pull the weights straight up with your arms bent. Squeeze your shoulder blades together before returning the weights to the starting position. For part two, raise your arms straight in front of you holding the weights. Don’t let your hands come above your shoulders. Pause briefly at the top then return your arms to the starting position. Alternate between the two moves, 3o reps total

Move 3: Plank Side Pull

Targets: Obliques, Shoulders, Back

Start in a high plank position with your hand on one weight. “Push” the weight underneath your body until it’s on your opposite side. Now “pull” the weight back to the starting position. Duplicate move on your other side, repeat 20 times

Move 4: Bent Knee Rows

Targets: Back, Triceps

Start in a low lunge position, leaning forward until your back is flat. Hold your weight on the side where your leg is bent. Rest your opposite hand on the forward knee. Pull the weight straight up and pause at the top. You can also extend your forearm backwards to work your triceps. Repeat 20 x on each side.

Move 5: Up Down Planks

Targets: Lower abs, shoulders

Start in a forearm plank. Alternating which arm you bring up first, move yourself from the low plank to the high plank. Repeat a total of 30 times.

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