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Running the Golden Gate Bridge

May 2, 2017

There isn’t a more iconic San Francisco site than the Golden Gate Bridge. Even though I have been here dozens of times (and driven over it hundreds), I had never actually run or walked across the whole thing. The bridge is just under 2 miles each direction (1.701 miles to be exact) with breathtaking views of the city the entire way. However it’s often extremely crowded or engulfed in the famous San Francisco fog so finding the perfect day to run across really comes down to timing. I happened to wake up early enough a few Saturdays ago to crystal clear skies (!!!) and decided to go for it.

I started on the North side of the bridge. There are a couple of look out areas here with parking but you have to get here super early. This was about 8:30 AM on a Saturday.

Before beginning the running part I did some quick reverse lunges on each side to warm up – 20 x side x 2

Also a few one legged push ups… there were no people!

And why not a few spider man push ups too. For these, bring your knee to touch your opposite elbow as you come down into a push up. Then bring your knee to the outside of the other elbow. Repeat 20x side x 2

If you still have energy afterward, the North end of the bridge has access to the Muir Woods hiking trails

I feel extremely lucky every day to call such a beautiful place home!

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