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Planning for an “Unplanned” Sunday

March 27, 2017

My definition of a “successful” weekend has changed a lot over the past decade. I am turning 30 in a few months and have noticed a shift in what kinds of things I actually look forward to doing when Friday rolls around. I used to try and plan a jam packed weekend – bootcamp work out classes, long boozy brunches, followed by an afternoon and Dolores park and then more dinner and drinks and hitting the bars after the sun went down. Anytime an artist I remotely liked came to San Francisco, I would jump on buying tickets immediately regardless of the venue. The weekend would start at 5 PM on the dot and didn’t end until Sunday night.

Bungalow 44, One of my favorite spots to grab dinner and drinks in Mill Valley. They have a great zucchini spaghetti and a delicious goat cheese flat bread

And full disclosure- I still love each and every one of these things. I love going with my roommate to Soul Cycle on a Saturday. I genuinely look forward to trying a new restaurant and getting to relax with my friends over some kind of sparkly cocktail I wouldn’t drink during the week. And I still love live music – Miike Snow is coming to the Greek Theater in Berkeley in a few months and I got online at 10 AM on a Thursday just to make sure I got tickets. However, I’ve realized I don’t need to do all of these things in order to have a productive weekend.

Location: Carolina Boutique, Mill Valley

Lately, my trend has been to take one entire weekend day and make no plans and just let the day unfold on its own. Sometimes this ends up at an impromptu concert, bar, or having drinks at a friend’s house. Sometimes it ends up going on a long solo run on a new trail I read about online. And sometimes it ends doing absolutely nothing.

Location: Dandy Nail Salon, Mill Valley

These pictures were taken a couple of Sunday’s ago on a day where I found myself with nothing to do. A few years ago this would have filled me with guilt – I only get two full days off each week, I should be maximizing them right? ┬áMy philosophy on the weekends is now is to do what makes me happy rather than what I feel I should be doing, whether those are healthy activities or not. I take each weekend for what it is with no regrets. If I didn’t make it to the 8 AM spin class on Sunday because I was out having friends the night before, I don’t beat myself up over it. Each day is an opportunity to start fresh- I could spend one day hungover on the couch and the next skipping a fun lunch to climb Mount Tamalpais, and both would be “ok” uses of my time. I no longer let myself feel pressured by what others are doing and just pick and choose the activities that sound most enjoyable to me.

Location: DIpsea Trail, Mill Valley

This attitude has helped me go to bed every Sunday feeling satisfied and ready to take on the week. I feel happy knowing that every thing I did over the weekend was something I truly wanted to do which makes each experience that much more memorable.

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