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Take it Outside: A Sunday Vinyasa Flow

February 7, 2017

Yoga is the ultimate “do anywhere” work out. You don’t need equipment or shoes… you don’t even really need a mat! While I am aware of (and have felt!) the amazing benefits of practicing yoga over the years, I have always been pretty sporadic about actually doing it. I was first introduced to yoga about eight years ago when I tried a Bikram yoga class. I loved how sweaty I got during the classes and could feel myself getting stronger by holding the different poses. However, it was pretty time consuming (classes are 90 minutes and you HAVE to do a full hair wash after) so I fell out of it after awhile and went back to faster circuit type work outs.

As I’ve gotten more into running over the years, I’ve realized that yoga is a great complementary exercise to high intensity cardio. When I started to develop some knee pain a couple years ago I decided to bring yoga back into my regular rotation of classes. As someone who thrives on “hard” work outs, making myself slow down and enjoy an entire hour long flow has really helped improve my patience for things that happen outside of the gym. Learning to connect my mind with my breathing has been an invaluable tool to help reduce anxiety and stress that can often creep in to my daily life.

However, while I’ve learned to find a deep appreciation for yoga, I don’t always love doing it in a studio. I tend to get a little bored and start focusing on the clock or my mind drifts to an open problem at work. Lately I’ve been trying to find other places to practice- San Francisco is a great city for this because it is extremely yoga friendly. There are so many groups, studios and free outdoor sessions it was easy to find a couple “outside the box” classes to check out.

I found Outdoor Yoga SF through a Facebook ad and couldn’t wait to try it. The classes are super affordable (around $14/class which is much cheaper than going to a studio!) and they meet in beautiful outdoor spaces all over San Francisco. My mom came with me to check their Sunday session at Crissy Field last week and we really enjoyed it despite the cold January temperatures.

Outdoor Yoga SF also hosts a Silent Disco practice on Baker Beach… it’s on my list to check out once the weather improves a bit. It’s literally rained every single day since we took these pictures 🙁 Days like this really make me appreciate my city and all of the great opportunities it provides to be active.

Most of my outfit here was from Under Armour! They have some really well made pieces at very affordable price points (and tons of sales!) . My vest is from the Gap. I’m a huge fan of their activewear line and this vest paired with a long sleeve shirt was perfect to stay warm while still being able to move pretty well through the Vinyasa flow.

Check out some more great clothing options for outdoor yoga below!

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